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SDK Features

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Magic Mirror

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Live Video Streaming

As we entered the era of live video-streaming, facial effects are becoming the new standard for video apps. We provide you with a complete set of facial solutions

Short Videos

Make video content creator's life easier and reduce the development cost for making quality short videos. We help video producer add real-time filters and facial masks while making

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Live Video Conferences

Video call has become a new way of online user interaction. Because of our deep development experience, we are able to provide a perfect SDK based solution


Our technology seamlessly integrates with mobile VR and VR headsets, enabling real-time face capture and 3D model rendering in virtual reality space, providing a total immersive experience

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Face Recognition System

Online Test

Compare face with known identity, find similarity index and more information

Size difference
Age difference
Pose difference
Change of look


Lens - Live in Fantasy

About us

Kiwi uses AR technology combined with AI to revolutionize the way you see people and the world! Right now we have world-leading technologies in vision and graphic. We license our face AR technologies to over a dozen mobile video and live-streaming apps. We have a vision of creating an open AR ecosystem using face and environment AR: an AR studio in the backend allowing open-platform content publication, and a front-end app showcasing our newest AR technologies. By building strategic partnership with cloud service platforms, Kiwi is reaching over 1 Billion audience network

Achievements and Awards

Kiwi is invited to participate in SVIEF and TechCrunch conference

Kiwi’s Camo app was awarded 2016 SVIEF Most Creative App Top 30!

KiwiFace ranked among top 20 applications by Demo China 2016

In Feb 2017, Kiwi has been selected as one of 33 out of 1000+ teams to join the HTC Vive X program batch 2

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